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Franchises are a big investment, whether you’re buying your first one or expanding with another.

North End Law, a New Zealand law firm based in Hamilton has a franchise specialist that can help you with everything from setting up a franchise to exiting one.

Their team of experts can provide the legal groundwork you need to succeed.

North End Law’s Hamilton based team offers a personalised approach – focused on understanding your motivations for wanting to own and run a franchise business.

Their legal advice is not only commercially focused and pragmatic but is also aligned to your goals and ambitions.

They are also willing to provide cost estimates where possible to ensure that you have a certainty of budget.

Justina Knox
Justina Knox - Franchise Legal Specialist

Franchising Made Simple

Justina Knox, is the franchise specialist at North End Law assisting clients across New Zealand with their franchising needs. With 30 years of experience in the field, Justina has seen it all when it comes to guiding both new and existing franchisors and franchisees. She’s played a key role in setting up franchises, supporting franchisees, resolving disputes, and even helping parties gracefully exit from their franchise systems when needed.

Here’s what Justina has to say about the world of franchising in her own words:

“For me, it’s all about building strong relationships. Franchising can be a fantastic way to kickstart a business if everyone involved understands each other’s perspectives from the get-go. This sets the stage for long-term success.”

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with clients from their very first franchise purchase, guiding them as they grow their business, and eventually assisting them when it’s time to sell and move on.”

“As a firm we are all about that personal contact and providing a full legal service. If you are looking for a legal advisor who can be a true sounding board and combine that approach with specialist commercial and franchise expertise, give me a call.”

For Franchisees

Here are some tips from Justina for those looking to buy into a franchise:
“Franchisors work with specialist legal advisors, and so should you!”

“Our goal is to handle the legal review on your behalf, allowing you to focus on setting up and running your business. We’re transparent about costs so you can budget accordingly for your new venture.”

“Any lawyer can read a franchise agreement, but it takes a specialist to spot any unusual or non-standard clauses right away. The additional time taken by a non specialist lawyer will cost you time and money. With over three decades of experience, chances are I’ve encountered either the relevant parties, or similar situations before and can provide insights on past dealings, both positive and negative.”

“When evaluating a franchise agreement, my experience helps me determine whether the terms are reasonable or if there are any red flags. We’ll give you clear guidance on any issues we identify and work with you to either find solutions for the issues or decide if the issues are deal-breakers.”

“Just as relationships evolve, the franchise landscape can change too. Whether it’s shifts in industry trends or new leadership, we can assist you in navigating these changes positively, whether through working with your franchisor or seeking an amicable exit.”

For Franchisors

Supporting both new and established franchisors is a passion of Justina’s:

“When representing a franchisor, our aim is to help them establish and maintain a solid legal framework. This requires strong leadership and a system that values input from specialist advisors and in certain situations feedback from franchisees. By providing clear advice, we empower franchisors to lead confidently.”

“And when things don’t go as planned, good leaders own up to mistakes and take steps to make things right. We can help you communicate effectively with your franchisees and address any issues within the bounds of your legal obligations or agreements.”

“In the end, having the right advisors by your side is crucial for the success of your franchise. It’s all about having the right systems in place and working with the right franchisees. We’re upfront about costs and happy to discuss how we can support your business’s growth.”

Next Steps

Ready to take the next step in your franchising journey?
If you need clear legal support and believe our team could be a fit for you, contact Justina Knox to discuss your options.

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Cost Estimates

North End Law’s team of lawyers have experience across a wide range of areas: employment law; company, business and supply agreements; property and leasing; estate and trust law, which enables new franchisees to manage business risk and protect their family and assets.

‘We talk to our clients in depth to understand their business and family so we can do the best job for them,’ Justina says. ‘We like to provide a more personal service than the big city firms, and we’re  happy to provide a cost estimate so there will be no surprises.

Whether you’re a franchisor,  franchisee or franchise buyer anywhere in New Zealand, get in touch to find out how we can help you.

For a personalised approach, with a fee that allows you to focus on getting your business up and running. Talk to North End Law.