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June 2021

Well a lot has happened at North End Law since our last posting. Firstly, Shelly is now back with us following her Parental Leave to have the lovely Alexis. Shelly is working 3 days a week in the office until the end of June and then increases to 4 days a week from July. Great to have you back Shelly!

Late last year we added Corey Vickers to the team as a Law Clerk. Corey completed her Law Degree at the end of last year and is currently undertaking her Professionals. She is learning the ropes at a great pace and providing excellent support to us all. And she has very kindly lowered the average age at our firm by decades!

At the beginning of the year we welcomed Bryce Butler to the team as our new Legal Executive. Bryce has had great experience at a New Plymouth law firm and has fitted into our office very smoothly. Many of you will have dealt with him already and enjoyed his friendly manner and easy confidence.

And I can say exactly the same thing about Fiona Churstain who joined us recently to replace Lyndsay Wilson. Fiona is a Fellow of NZILE and brings a wealth of experience with her. She too has slipped into our office incredibly smoothly and we are so grateful to have that level of expertise added to our staffing. We are delighted to have our two new team members on board.

As referred to above, Lyndsay left us earlier this year. She was with us for 9 years and was definitely part of the family. But she has moved to greener pastures and we wish her all the best. Luckily she is not lost to us and we enjoy having her drop into the office from time to time.